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to the First Virtual Open House for the City of Gloversville Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI)

The aim of the Open House is to share information with the community about the DRI planning process currently underway and collect community feedback on the DRI Vision, Goals, and Strategies, which will be included in the Downtown Gloversville Strategic Investment Plan that will be submitted to NYS at the end of the DRI planning process. There are four sections:

1. Introduction to the DRI
2.  Downtown Today 
3. Downtown Tomorrow - including draft DRI Vision, Goals, & Strategies
4. DRI Projects and Project Selection


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Section 1: What is the Downtown Revitalization Initiative?

The NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) awards $10 million in state funding to New York communities to foster the development of vibrant downtowns across the state. The ultimate goal of the DRI is to fund projects within a designated downtown area that will help transform downtown neighborhoods into vibrant communities where New Yorkers want to live, work, and raise families. 


Gloversville is a Round Five DRI awardee for the Mohawk Valley Region due to the City's demonstrated commitment and momentum toward revitalizing downtown. The City will use the award to develop a Strategic Investment Plan and implement key catalytic projects that advance the community’s vision for revitalization.

New York State's objectives for the D.R.I are to:

Create an active, desirable downtown with a strong sense of place;
Attract new businesses, high-paying jobs, & skilled workers;
Enhance public spaces for arts & cultural events;
Build a diverse population with residents & workers supported by different housing and employment opportunities;
Grow the local property tax base;
Provide amenities to support & enhance downtown living & quality of life; and to
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, buildings, heating/ cooling, and non-renewable energy use (Decarbonization).

The DRI planning process is led by a Local Planning Committee (L.P.C.) supported by state agencies (DOS, ESD, HCR, NYSERDA), a consultant team, and regular public input. 

Local Planning Committee Members are:

Co-Chair: Mayor Vincent DeSantis, Mayor of City of Gloversville
Co-Chair: Wally Hart, Executive Director, Lexington Foundation; Member MVREDC

Kevin Chamberlain, Founder/Owner, Upstate Coffee

David Halloran, Superintendent, Gloversville Enlarged School District

LaShawn Hawkins, Founder, I Can Breathe and I Will Speak, Inc.

Mark Kilmer, President/MVREDC Support, Fulton-Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce

Janelle Krause, President, Glove Cities Arts Alliance

Jenni Mazur, Liaison, Gloversville Recreation Commission; City Clerk, City of Gloversville

Michael Medina, Owner, Fulton County Barbershop

Aya Mustafa, Resident

Geoff Peck, VP Population Health, Nathan Littauer Hospital

Christine Pesses, Resident

Ronald Peters, President and CEO, Fulton County Center for Regional Growth

Greg Truckenmiller, President, Fulton Montgomery Community College

Marcia Weiss, Councilwoman, 1st Ward Councilwoman



Public Engagement


Public engagement opportunities throughout the DRI planning process will provide information, solicit input, and build community support. 


Engagement opportunities include L.P.C. Meetings open to observers; two Public Open Houses; one Public Presentation; Focus Groups and Interviews; Live Webinars and Videos; and Targeted Outreach. On the project website, the public can find information on events and meetings; submit a comment; and subscribe to the mailing list. Outreach is also conducted through print and social media.


Steps in the D.R.I. Planning Process


1. Assess and Create Profile of the Downtown Area (February to March 2022)

2. Confirm community vision and goals for the downtown. Then develop a list strategies to achieve the goals (February to April 2022)

3. Identify and review potential D.R.I. projects. Then recommend a selection to the state for funding. (February to May 2022)

4. Draft, finalize, and submit the D.R.I. Strategic Investment Plan (April to July 2022)

5. The State reviews the Plan and makes the final selection of which recommended projects will receive funding. (Fall 2022)

6. Implementation of D.R.I. Projects begins (2023)

D.R.I. Boundary

The draft D.R.I. boundary is 114-acres and contains the primary downtown intersection of Fulton and Main
Street between Spring Street and Pine Street (north to south) and West street to the Public Library, approximately, (west to east). It contains numerous commercial buildings and important adjacent uses such as the Cayadutta Creek, Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Rail Trail (FJ&G). The area includes 25 acres of the Downtown Historic District and is within a 10-minute walk of Gloversville’s densest neighborhoods. D.R.I. areas should encompass a well-defined downtown that is compact and walkable. D.R.I. funds can only be used for projects within the final D.R.I. area. As part of the D.R.I. planning process, MINOR boundary changes to this area may be considered by the L.P.C., if there is a strong justification. 

Section 2: Downtown Today

Key Statistics for the D.R.I. Area

Total population of the area is 731 out of 15,131 for the city.

23% are under 18 years of age, 58% are working age, and 19% are seniors.

Out of those over 25 years of age, 36% are high school graduates, 33% have some college education, and 8% are college graduates and/or have some post-graduate education.

Median age in the D.R.I. area is 36.9 compared to 41.6 for the city.

Average household size is 1.6 for the DRI area compared with 2.4 for the city.

Median household income is $23,079 compared with $38,896 for the city.

Per capita income in 2021 was $17,656 in the D.R.I. area, compared with $21,140 for the city.

There are 238 businesses and 1,650employees in the D.R.I. with a 21.2% unemployment rate.

Data Source: Data Axle and Esri, based on U.S. Census data

Mayor Employers in the D.R.I area

Family Counseling Center with 80 employees

West and Co CPA's PC with 59 employees

Gloversville Public Works with 58 employees

SAMCO with 50 employees

Gloversville City Hall with 50 employees

Gloversville Police Department with 35 employees

HFM OCES Adult Literacy with 33 employees

Gloversville Fire Department with 29 employees

Empire Chemical Sales with 21 employees

Fulton County Mental Health with 18 employees

Gloversville Water Department with 17 employees

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services with 15 employees

NBT Bank with 15 employees

St Thomas Square building with 15 employees

The Fly Shack with 12 employees

Data Source: Data Axle and Esri (Q4 2021)

Recent Investments since 2011 in the D.R.I. area

Planning grants and other public investments = $18.5 million

Public and Private economic development investments = $1.4 million

Market rate and senior housing investments = $15.8 million

Mixed-use investments = $2.7 million

Open space enhancement investments = $ 950,000


Section 3 - Downtown Tomorrow

DRI Vision
The vision presented below was crafted with the public in 2021 during the development of the Gloversville DRI application:

“Downtown Gloversville possesses all the great qualities of a successful city center. With its historic buildings, a network of sidewalks, decorative lights, benches, and shade trees, it is a highly walkable downtown for residents and visitors. Whether it is visiting one of Gloversville’s museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, or unique parks, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from when visiting downtown.  As a regional economic engine, Downtown Gloversville is ideally situated as the southern gateway to NY State’s Adirondack Mountains. The comfortable, safe, and attractive setting combined with inviting public spaces and recreational opportunities will inspire both people and businesses to be part of downtown’s renewal.

Gloversville prides itself on being considered a community of inclusiveness and diversity that fosters arts, culture, and entertainment. This ‘community-led’ development approach fosters pride and acts as a means to promote Downtown Gloversville as a premier destination for residents and visitors.”

Do you like the vision?Do you like the vision?

DRI Goals
The goals presented below was crafted with the public in 2021 during the development of the Gloversville DRI application:

Spur Vibrancy Downtown through Economic Development;
Create Downtown Cornerstones;
Housing Opportunities for All;
Activate the Public Realm;
Create New Cultural Opportunities; and
Enhance Mobility.

Do you like the Goals?Do you like the Goals?
What types of Strategies would help to achieve your vision and goals for Downtown? (check all that apply and add your own ideas below.

Section 4 - D.R.I. Projects and Project Selection


What is a D.R.I. Project?

DRI Projects support community and economic development, transforming the DRI area in ways that are consistent with the community’s vision, and contribute to the holistic revitalization of downtown for current and future generations. 

General project criteria (to be refined by the local planning committee):

The project has a transformative impact on the downtown;
Will catalyze additional private and/or public investment;
Provides broad public benefit including socio-economic co-benefits beyond the project's primary purpose;
Will be ready for implementation in the near term (within 2 years);
Enjoys broad stakeholder support;
Aligns with NYS DRI Goals + Gloversville DRI Vision and Goals; and is
Feasible and cost effective with a demonstrated need for DRI funds.

Eligible Project types include:

Public Improvements 
New Development
Redevelopment or Rehabilitation of Existing Structures
Business Grant or Loan Fund
Branding and Marketing
Public, Private, or Not-for-profit projects

Projects must request at least $100,000 in DRI Funding.

In addition, private projects must meet funding match requirements, substantial rehabilitation projects must meet decarbonization standards, and size minimums apply to purely residential projects.

Types of projects and costs that are ineligible for the D.R.I:

Pre-Award Costs.
Planning activities.
Property Acquisition.
Operations and Maintenance.
Training and Program Expenses.
Existing Program Expenses.
Standalone Parking Garages.
Projects that are located outside of the Final DRI Boundary.


Project Selection Process
The LPC will evaluate all potential projects, with input from the public, and recommend a final slate of projects in the DRI Strategic Investment Plan. The total amount will exceed the DRI funding available, with the state making the final selection of awardees from this list. State agency staff will then work with project sponsors to execute DRI contracts and begin implementation. 


1. D.R.I. Application identifies initial list of potential projects (2021)
2. Open Call for Projects invites additional project proposals (February 2022)

3. L.P.C. defines selection criteria & begins to review projects (March 2022)

4. Public input on potential projects incl. at Open House #2 (February to April 2022)

5. L.P.C. narrows the list of potential projects  (April 2022)

6. L.P.C. recommends a slate of projects for DRI Funding (May 2022)

7. New York State makes the final selection of DRI Projects (approximately Fall 2022)

Potential Projects - Projects included in the Gloversville DRI Application
The following projects were included in the City of Gloversville DRI Application as potential DRI projects. Those wishing to be considered for a DRI award will now be reviewed and vetted by the LPC, with input from the public. 
*Information in the table was current at the time of the DRI application and is subject to change 

Eccentric Club Public Event Space at 109 N. Main (Private)
Glove City Lofts at 52 Church (Private)
St. Thomas Square at Elm St. (Public)
Restoring the Burton Block at 54 N. Main (Private)
Mixed-Use at the Former City Hall,  44 N. Main (Private)
Carriage House Showroom Restoration at 39 N. Main (Private)
Glove Theater Renovations at 42 N. Main  (Non-Profit)
Schine Building Arts Incubator at 30 N. Main (Private)
Complete Streets along Church/Elm (Public)
Youth Recreation Center/Skate Park at 33 Bleecker (Public)
The Happy Mug at 13 N. Main (Private)
City National Restoration at 10 -24 N. Main (Private)
Littauer Piazza at 12 - 18 S. Main (Public)
Mixed Use Renovation at 20 - 24 S. Main (Private)
Knox Building Development at 52 S. Main (Private)
Glove City Brewing HQ at 64 S. Main (Private)
Public Art Fund District Wide (Public)
Downtown Business Fund, District Wide (Public)

Open Call for DRI Project Proposals - OPEN NOW!


Do you have a DRI project proposal, or would you simply like to learn more about the DRI project selection process? Visit the DRI project website to learn about the open call. Eligible projects received through the call will be added to the list of potential DRI projects for review by the LPC, with input from the community. Proposals can be submitted electronically or in hard copy. 

Thanks for your feedback!